The Water's Edge

Images involving water carry timeless, uplifting spiritual metaphors of life, healing, cleansing, baptism, joy and sensuality. Themes of nature, art and commerce thrive in images of the ocean, seas, rivers, and floods.  A stormy rain and the chaotic splashes and reflections in a puddle, can capture unexpected light, shadow and color, and express spontaneous energy.

In the unique, urban playground of Miami Beach, the wide, flat plane of the beach is a public street and social neutralizer, where one can eavesdrop on a parade of characters and create a multitude of narratives, real or imagined. It is also an urban environment and thriving port. Vessels are navigating great and unknown distances, following the edge of the horizon. In the surf, human bodies commune with nature.

These images focus on the edges of the natural landscape: the horizon and the surf, where water meets sky and land meets water.

NAPEAGUE STRETCH is a minimalist expression of both. The horizon line creates a mystical space in the imagination where the mind looks toward the future with hope and optimism. The idea of ‘perspective’ is expressed figuratively and symbolically.

In SURF BOY, GIRL DIGS TO CHINA and MIAMI BEACH BROTHER AND SISTER, the surf/earth edge creates a physical space where human activities like swimming, running, floating, meditating, sleeping or just digging in the sand speak to our sensual fulfillment, creativity and mind/body connections. This place also evokes recollections of childhood, first memories and our personal connection with nature.

GOVERNMENT CUT catches a moment of dialogue between the cargo arriving and its final destination of consumers. The primary colors and stacked box forms are reminiscent of Mondrian paintings. The negative space between objects fractures the panorama to allow the horizon to come through near the center as the subjects slide into the periphery.

SHIPPING LANE seduces the viewer with a bright red, white and blue patriotic palette. A serene moment is created, but short-lived as the ship is moving out of view. At the same time, the vertical framing, shortens the low horizon, enhancing the visual drama created in the central picture plane.

Government Cut
Miami Beach Girl Emerging
Miami Beach Boy in Surf
This Way
Stand and Wait
Girl digs to china
Miami Beach Brother and Sister
Napeague Stretch
Shipping Lane
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